About the company

We are sincerely pleased for your interesting in our products. The whole staff of “Artel” company has been fruitfully working for a long time creating the quality building mixes. Remember that not so far ago the craftsmen assembled together in such a way and united in artels where they produced inexpensive and quality products. And the name “Artisan” has been chosen not by chance too, as “artisan” is a French word and is translated as a “craftsman”, and we consider that our craft is to create high-quality and available products for building.

The trade mark “ARTISAN” has been represented on the market of building mixes for 18 years and due to its high quality and reasonable price is one of the leaders in all the regions of Ukraine. Hundreds of building facilities are built today with the application of our materials.

Our company is always updating the range of the products of TM “ARTISAN”. The daily work of technologists and laboratory assistants allows us to introduce into production the materials of the highest standards under the latest technologies. We pay a grate attention to the incoming control that gives the possibility to maintain stably the high quality of the products. The components we use for the production are selected from the best raw materials of Ukraine, and the additives are only of leading and stable producers: Bayer, Waker, Rhodia, Clariant, Akzo Nobel.

There is the practice and experience in our production in the manufacture of building materials under non-standard conditions that is the production of materials for the facilities with alkaline and acidic medium, arrangement of industrial floors for factories, service stations, dairy factories, chemical plants, filling stations, etc.

The products section is represented by 51 products conditionally divided into 5 groups:

Dry mixes on a cement basis: a glue for a facing; fugues for seams; cement building solutions of a wide range of applications; fillers; repair and decorative plasters; leveling mixes for the floor.

Dry mixes on a gypsum basis: fillers, plasters, adhesive mix, mounting mix.

Primers and emulsions: protective means; primers; emulsions of a wide range of application.

Paints: inner, outdoor and special.

The complex solution “ARTISAN-HEAT”: “ARTISAN-HEAT” is a system for the building warming developed by us on the basis of European systems of warming by the method of “light wet”, certified and recommended for use in a civil and industrial construction. The system is economical and helps to save up to 70% on saving of the heat in the home. At any time we are ready to listen carefully to your questions and requests, to give necessary recommendations for the use of our products.

Now when there is a large selection of the building materials on the market and it can be difficult to understand what kind of product you need, you will probably gain from the information in our directory which helps to use the products of TM «ARTISAN» with maximum efficiency in the process of construction works.