Elastic two-component waterproofing mixture C-83

Elastic two-component waterproofing mixture C-83 – elastic two-component mixture for waterproofing building structures inside and outside buildings and structures


Elastic two-component waterproofing mixture C-83 – elastic two-component mixture for waterproofing building structures inside and outside buildings and structures


The waterproofing mixture is designed to protect the building structures from the effects of water inside and outside buildings, including for waterproofing roofs, basements, foundations, socles, parapets, balconies, terraces, showers, swimming pools, reservoirs intended for water storage, etc. Has good adhesion to metal, including colored. Do not apply to gypsum and anhydrite bases. The waterproofing mixture is applied from the side of the water. The elastic mixture with a layer thickness of 3 mm perceives deformations with a crack opening width of up to 0.8 mm. Protection against permanent wetting: 2 layers of lubricating waterproofing with a total thickness of 3.0 mm.


Waterproofing mixture should cover only dense, dry, clean base peeled from dust, dirt, grease, loose material. Small irregularities of the surface of the vertical bases should be smoothed out, and the unstable layer should be removed. Before applying waterproofing, the mineral substrate must be moistened, preventing the appearance of a continuous water film. From the metal surfaces to remove the oxide film, it is possible to treat the metal surface with a special metal primer. Cracks thicker than 0.8 mm thick should be repaired with repair mortar, small cracks can be sealed with a special tape, and this composition using a building mesh, etc. Waterproofing mixture is applied to the previously primed surface (concrete, cement-sand mixture, brickwork) after 28 days of the strength setting.


The dry mixture is gradually added to the liquid component – Artisan No. 11 emulsion with mixing in a ratio of 1 kg of the mixture to 320-350 ml of the liquid component, to obtain a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Stirring is performed by a low-speed mixer. After 5 minutes, the stirring is repeated. Use of a mortar mixture is possible for 30 minutes. Waterproofing applied for 2, and if necessary 3 passes. The prepared mortar mixture by a thin layer with a brush or spatula should be applied to a damp but not wet base. Each subsequent layer is applied to the already hardened, but not yet dried, the previous one, adhering to the “wet on wet” method. The applied layer must be protected from rapid drying. Each successive layer is applied perpendicular to the previous one. The temperature of the mixture is from +5 to +30 ° C. After 7 days, the coating is ready for use.


If necessary, when thickening, dilute the mixture with a liquid component; do not dilute the composition with water.



The elastic waterproofing mixture contains cement, which at the time of hydration gives an alkaline reaction, therefore, during work, it is necessary to protect eyes and skin. In case of contact with the solution, rinse with water and, if necessary, seek the help of a doctor.


In addition to the information above on the use of elastic waterproofing mixture should be guided by the current regulatory documentation for the device of polymer waterproofing.


In hermetically sealed packaging, the shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package. Do not allow the liquid component to freeze.


Composition: a mixture of cement with mineral aggregates and corrective additives and an aqueous dispersion of the polymer with additives

Mixing ratio, l / kg, approx.: 0,32 – 0,35

Time of use, min, not less than:  30

Application temperature, ° С:  from +5 to +30

Water resistance, for 24 hours, MPa, not less than:  0,2

Ability to overlap cracks, mm:  0,8

Strength of adhesion to the base, MPa, not less than:   0,5

Relative elongation,%, not less than:   8

Tensile strength, MPa:   0,6


  • dry component, kg / m² / mm thickness, not more than: – 1,4
  • liquid, l / m² / mm thickness, about: – 0,46







Mixture “Artisan Ц.1.ГІ2

ДСТУ Б В.2.7-126:2011                    

Hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.




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