Waterproofing for sanitary conveniences C-81

Waterproofing for sanitary conveniences C-81 for waterproofing of sanitary conveniences and other household premises

Waterproofing for sanitary conveniences C-81 for waterproofing of sanitary conveniences and other household premises


Thin-layer waterproofing is used to protect floors and walls from moisture in bathrooms, toilets and other household premises on well-prepared grounds.


Before applying a waterproofing mortar, it is necessary to perform a mechanical cleaning of the surface of old plaster and paint, clay and silt layers, oil and bitumen stains, etc. Surfaces must be primed before applying a waterproofing coating. (Due to the loss of moisture during the recruitment process, the waterproofing properties of the composition can be significantly reduced). Surplus water from horizontal surfaces should be removed. Otherwise, in the future, it is possible to peel off the waterproofing coating together with the weakened layer.


5 kg of a dry mix to mix with 1,25-1,4 l of water to reception of a homogeneous dense non-intercalating weight. The excess amount of water added to the mixture can reduce the performance of the waterproofing. Leave for 5 minutes, stir again. The solution is applied to the previously prepared surface with a hand tool (grater, construction brush). The thickness of the layer is 3-5 mm. The waterproofing solution is applied in two layers, the subsequent layer is applied after the drying of the first, perpendicular to each other.


To increase the degree of adhesion of the waterproofing mortar to the weakened surfaces to be treated and to reduce water absorption by the base material, it is recommended to pre-coat with primer “ARTISAN No. 7”. In special cases, it is recommended to lay the waterproofing layer on the plaster grid. The quantity of the prepared solution should correspond to the productivity of the work when laying the waterproofing solution of the required thickness and quality. Under normal conditions, it is necessary to use a freshly prepared solution for 30-40 minutes.  Freshly applied material should be periodically moistened with water or covered with a protective film in the initial time of hardening. It is especially important not to allow the drying of the material in hot weather and drafts during these periods.

All recommendations are valid at a temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 60%. When carrying out work should be guided by building codes and regulations.

The manufacturer is not responsible for misuse of the material and its application in the manner and conditions other than those specified in these instructions.


The mixture contains cement, which when combined with water forms alkali. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Be sure to work in rubber gloves. In case of contact with the skin and eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


In dry conditions and hermetic packaging the period of storage is at least 12 months from the date of manufacture.


The dry mix is packaged in bags of 5 kg.


Composition: mixture of cement, mineral fillers and special additives

The amount of water for mixing the mortar l/kg:  1,25-1,4/5

Time of use, min.:  60

Substrate temperature, ° С:  from +15 to +30

Ambient conditions temperature, ° С: not less than +10

Readiness for use, days: after 7 days

Consumption, kg / m2 / mm: 1,5






Mixture “Artisan Ц.1.ГІ1

ДСТУ БВ.2.7-126:2011                     

Hygienic conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


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